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3M PVC White Telephone Line Telescopic Spring Flexible Shower Hose for Water Plumbing Toilet Bidet Sprayer
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About this item

  • TUBE PROTECTOR-- The product is easy to apply and can be easily connected with wash basin, water heaters and sprayers.
  • TELESCOPIC BATHROOM SHOWER HOSE-- easy to hold and operate, feels comfortable and smooth.
  • SPIRAL WATER HOSE-- The product is soft and can be bent, your use will be easier.
  • HOSE SLEEVE-- ​Compact in size and light in weight, it won't take up much space.
  • HOSE SLEEVE SPRING-- You can easily buy this practical shower hose at an price


Package Include
1 x Shower Hose


  • -Material: PU Bathroom Accessory
  • -Size: Approx. 3m Spring Shower Hose.
  • -The product has good stability and can create more comfortable bathing conditions for you Toliet Shower Tube.
  • -The excellent production process makes the surface of the product smooth and free of burrs, so you can use it with peace of mind Telescopic Shower Hose.
  • -The hose is designed with a spring shape and has good elasticity and flexibility. It shrinks automatically when not in use Flexible Shower Hose.
  • -Easy to install and remove, simple and convenient Wash Basin Connection Hose.
  • -The hose can be used in the bathroom, toilet, sprayer, shower, hand wash, women's sprayer, etc Hose for Water Plumbing.

Goods Information
Flexible Shower Hose The hose has and good stability, which can serve you better.